Friday, June 24, 2011

Exercise of the week – Walking lunges

Walking lunges is an exercise that gives overall leg development by targeting the quads and hamstrings, additionally; they hit the gluteus maximus muscles. This exercise will tone and tighten your legs. They will even add a little roundness to your rear end. To perform this exercise you need to be in control and take the movement slow. In this manner you can execute the exercise to perfection and place maximum overload on the target muscles.

Exercise advice:
Get a pair of dumbbells or place a barbell on your back.  You will need an empty place that is unobstructed. Taking a healthy stride forward (walk) and move forward. It is important that when you plant your striding foot your knee stays perpendicular to the floor and does not extend past that point.

This movement challenges the upper body a lot, specifically, this exercise require a lot of balance. Please do not perform this with barbell on your back if you have balance issues. The easier way to challenge yourself is to use your own bodyweight.

Frank Mapranny, 
HOD Fitness, 
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