Sunday, July 10, 2011

Exercise of the week - Press ups

1.      Place yourself parallel to the floor while holding your body up at arms length. It is important that you maintain a neutral spine through out the movement.
2.      The hand position will be wider than your shoulder width.
3.      You initiate the movement by lowering yourself downward until your pec nearly touches the floor as you inhale.
4.      Press your body back up as you exhale and you squeeze your pec at the top of the movement.
5.      You continue with the movement and complete the desired number of reps.
If you are a beginner and you can’t handle your body weight. It would be advisable to perform knee press-up or you can execute the exercise against the wall instead of the floor.
As you get stronger, you can perform the exercise in an incline.
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Press up or push up activates the movement of the shoulder blades. The shoulder blades come together (retract) as you descent and then they move each other (protract) when you ascent,
Additionally, it helps in the development of the serratus anterior, a muscle that helps in stabilizing the upper girdle, especially, the shoulder. To activate the serratus anterior you need to focus on protraction of the shoulder blades.
As a body weight exercise it helps in the recruitment of smaller stabilizing muscles.

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