Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Diet for Ramadan

On wake up : 1 glass water
1 fruit ( any ) + 10 almonds + 2-3 walnuts.
Sehri : ( meal before dawn)
1.     300 ml milk + 6-7 tbsp muesli  + 2-3 anjeer OR
2.     Pulse or paneer paratha with 1 cup milk  Or
3.     Whole wheat vegetable sandwich + 1 cup milk  or
4.     1 cup brown rice with pulse or dal
Drink 1 litre water till fajzr.
Iftaar meal :
1 .Start slowly 2. Chew your food well 3. Do not pounce and attack at one go.
Start with dates or anjeer + banana- the most important fruit + any other fresh fruits
Have a lemon shot (same amount of water as per lime)
Post maghrib meal :
Chapatis with paneer + vegetables OR
Chapatis with chicken or fish + vegetables OR
Brown rice cooked with vegetables  + curd + dal
Ishaa meal: ( Late evening meal)
Grilled chicken or fish or chicken tikka with salad  OR
Eggwhite omlette  OR besan chilla or moong dal chilla OR
Alfa alfa sprouts or pulse with vegetables tossed. OR
1 cup low fat curd + vegetables chopped in it.
Drink electoral water post iftaar meal till fajr to replenish the lost electrolytes from the body.
The best time to workout is in between post maghrib meal to late evening meal
Avoid tea or coffee as they make you more dehydrated. Have buttermilk in place of aerated beverages.
Eat fresh small portions till dawn.

Happy Fasting!!!.Stay Fit be Healthy.

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Reya Pahuja
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