Sunday, August 28, 2011

Exercise of the week – Bird dog

·         The starting position is initiated when you assume an all-fours position, arms under your shoulder and knees under hips. In this position you will be maintaining a neutral alignment of your spine.
·         Please do note that your shoulder blades (scapulae) will be depressed down or closer to the spine. In a sense you won’t be to tense on the shoulder.
·         In this position you’re not letting your belly drop to the floor, you are maintaining a minimal contraction in your abdomen.
·         The movement is then initiated by simultaneously raising your alternate arm and leg of the floor, until they are parallel to the floor.
·         The movement can then be repeated by alternating the other arm and leg.

Performance meter
·         The exercise is performed with great precision and control.
·         The position of the pelvis should always remain constant while performing the movement.
·         The movement should be initiated from the core (centre) of the body, it is a conscious effort.

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