Monday, August 1, 2011

Monsoon workout of the month

August workout of the month focuses on body weight exercises that challenge your body. These exercises can be performed if you miss a session at our club or if you are out holidaying.
Burpees                                       1 set * 20 reps
Press-ups                                    1 set * 15 reps
Jump squats                                 1 set * 20 reps
Hindu press ups                           1 set * 15 reps
Walking lunges                            1 set * 20 reps
Triceps Dips                                1 set * 15 reps
Skipping                                      1 set* 30 sec/ 60sec
Crunches                                     1 set * 15 reps
Plank                                           1 set * 10 sec hold
Side Plank                                    1 Set* 10 sec hold

*Please note that a warm-up and a cool down phase should be incorporated in this workout. Also these exercises can be repeated again depending on your fitness levels.
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