Monday, September 26, 2011

Exercise of the Week - Sumo deadlifts

Start with the bar in front of you. At the start of the movement the bar should be closed to your shin. The feet should be close to the collars. Bend at the hips to get a hold of the bar. Maintaining a shoulder width grip (mixed grip, pronated grip or hook grip) you raise.

Inhale and then lower your hips, maintain a chest up position throughout the movement. Drive your heels to the floor and lift the weight of the floor. Extend your hip and knees.

 As the bar travels above your knees, lean back and drive the hips into the bar, pulling your shoulder blades together.

Get the weight back to the starting position by bending the hips and controlling the weight as your descent.

Frank Mapranny, 
HOD Fitness, 
Your Fitness Club

Monday, September 19, 2011

Exercise of the Week - Side jackknife

Lie on your left side and see to that you maintain a neutral spine .
Get your left arm across your chest  i.e. in front of your torso close to your right hip and put your right hand behind your head.
Initiate the movement both at the torso and your legs, bringing your head towards your hips.
Return to the start position and repeat.
If you find this exercise difficult , you can start by only lifting your legs.

Frank Mapranny, 
HOD Fitness, 
Your Fitness Club.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exercise of the week – on the Ball Jackknife

Your forearms are rested on the floor, your shins are rested on an exercise ball and your elbows should be under the shoulders at all times. While as your body should maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement.

With your legs pull the ball towards you while you raise your hips high.

Beginner starting position - 1

Beginner finish position - 2


You can roll the ball back to the starting position.

Performance meter 

While performing this movement, you are keeping the ball under control 
The exercise is performed with a mind and body link 
your neck is lengthened and in alignment with your spine
Maitian a normal breathing pattern, do not hold your breath while performing this exercise
There are moderate risk associated to it, please perform under supervision
Hypertensive patients need to avoid this exercise

Frank Mapranny, 
HOD Fitness, 
Your Fitness Club.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Exercise of the week – Pelvic tilt

Pelvic tilt is a subtle exercise that focuses on the core and helps in relaxing the muscles in the lower back. Lie on your back with your knees pointed towards to the ceiling and the soles of the feet flat on the floor. You will be maintaining a neutral position (natural curvature of your lower back).

Now imagine if there is a bowl of water on your pelvis. You need to rock your hips gently so that the bowl of water is spilling towards your stomach. This will make your lower back press into the floor.

After couple of seconds come back to the neutral position.

Please note that you need to perform this exercise gently. Use mind body connection while performing this exercise. If you feel that you are experiencing a certain amount of tension, try to relax and perform this exercise in a subtle manner.

This exercise can be performed on the floor at beginners level. The exercise can then be progressed to a seated position either on a Swiss ball or a chair. The advanced level would be in a standing position and your back to the wall.



Performance meter
It is a very good preliminary exercise for those trying for low back pain relief. This subtle exercise helps in the lengthening and stretching the muscles in the lower back.

Frank Mapranny, 
HOD Fitness, 
Your Fitness Club.