Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exercise of the week – on the Ball Jackknife

Your forearms are rested on the floor, your shins are rested on an exercise ball and your elbows should be under the shoulders at all times. While as your body should maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement.

With your legs pull the ball towards you while you raise your hips high.

Beginner starting position - 1

Beginner finish position - 2


You can roll the ball back to the starting position.

Performance meter 

While performing this movement, you are keeping the ball under control 
The exercise is performed with a mind and body link 
your neck is lengthened and in alignment with your spine
Maitian a normal breathing pattern, do not hold your breath while performing this exercise
There are moderate risk associated to it, please perform under supervision
Hypertensive patients need to avoid this exercise

Frank Mapranny, 
HOD Fitness, 
Your Fitness Club.

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