Sunday, December 11, 2011

Exercise of the week - Barbell Rows

Maintain an upright posture and hold a barbell with a supinated grip. Keeping your knees soft you bring your torso forward, by bending at the waist. See to that you maintain a neutral spine and your torso forms a ninety degree, parallel to the floor. You are maintaining your neck in line with your spine.
In this position the barbell will be hanging in line with your shoulder.
While maintaining a stable torso, you lift the barbell towards you. Your elbows are close to the body at the end of the movement you squeeze your back muscles and hold for a second.
Release the weight in a controlled manner. 

Frank Mapranny, 
Fitness Head, 

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  1. Barbell rows is a compound movement and activates the whole back. Research has proven the fact that the row has the maximum activation of the back muscles in comparison to the other back exercises. However, with activation came a high activation of the lower back (lumbar). Spinal loading can be reduced to some extent by performing a 45 degree barbell rows. This exercise is not recommended for people with lower back problem