Sunday, December 4, 2011

Exercise of the week - Hip Thrust

Position yourself on the ground next to a bench that is placed behind you. Your shoulder blades are placed on top of the bench. You can have a loaded barbell over your legs. If you use a loaded bar you can place pads on the bar to reduce the discomfort.

Your shoulder blades are placed on top of the bench.

Initiate the movement by driving through your heels, extending your hips towards the ceiling. Your weight is supported by your shoulder blades and your feet. Extension of the hips stops when you attain a neutral spine and then you drop back to the starting position.

See to that you maintain control throughout the movement. This movement focuses your glutes and is a supplement based exercise to improve your posterior chain function.

If you use a barbell see to that you roll the bar directly above your hips.

Frank Mapranny, 
Fitness Head, 

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