Monday, May 2, 2016

For the Woman of Strength - I

 “A woman of strength defines her feminine side by her strong resolve to courage and resilience”

Resilience is one of the foremost parameter that is required to start a journey of self discipline in weight training. To make a positive change to your body you need to believe in taking small steps.  This article is solely responsible to educate the female weight trainers (beginner, intermediate and advanced).  The parameters advised in this article are the same that would be applicable to the male members.  Except for the reproductive system, the physiological process of both genders remains the same.  However, in comparison to males, a woman would not develop size and strength due to lower levels of growth and strength inducing hormones.

The following parameters would help a woman in her strength training regime -

1.       Form & technique
Learning to lift weights with the right form is an important parameter.  Biomechanics is an important part of strength training and executing the movement helps us in avoiding injuries.  Moreover, it would be a great advantage to learn proper form at the start than developing bad habits in weight training that could lead to injuries in the long run.

2.       Compound lifts
Compound lifts are movements that involve two or more joints; it would require the co-ordinated effort of major muscles to execute a movement. The best way to get the maximum benefit through strength training is to focus on compound movements. A perfect example of compound movements would be the squat. Squat involves movement in the hip, knee and the ankle joint. Moreover, it makes the quads, hamstrings, glutes and the lower back to take the major amount of load while exercising.

3.       Stronger & leaner
A woman engaging in strength training should focus on getting stronger.  For a beginner, this is very important because it helps to make the necessary strength gains at the start.  Keeping yourself focused in the gym would result in adequate calorie expenditure. This would be more beneficial that checking your weight on the weighing scale. Challenging poundage done for a certain number of repetitions would result in body composition changes. By having more muscle mass you would look more compact, leaner and fitter.

4.       Intensity and Poundage
For a beginner the intensity needs to be very light where the exercise can be performed for 15 repetitions. As you progress, the poundage gets heavier and the repetitions get lesser. A moderate poundage would be where the woman could do 10 repetitions and has she gets advanced in training she can aim for lesser repetitions and heavier weights.

5.       Exercise Goals
Most of the women check the amount of calorie loss and weight loss has a performance indicator. It would be much better to measure your performance in terms of poundage and intensity.  In this way you have specific parameters to stay motivated.

To be continued……..

Frank Mapranny,
Training Head,


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